Narendra Modi – 100* Days as PM

          Inflation ? Corruption ? Women safety ? Rupee fall ? Private Investments ? Enhanced Trade ? Peace Talks ? Security Threats ? Plans ? Policies ? Proposals ? etc.. , millions of questions greeted Mr. Modi from day one at PMO. This article is not to look into all his answers for these questions, in fact there are better reviewers and analysts with long page explanations on it. This is just a CM’s (common man) wishes to his PM (Prime Minister) on his completion of 100* days at office.

           Honorable Prime Minister, Wishes. Right from entering in an Indian made Mahindra for your swearing in ceremony to making it a south Asian sensation you have carried a lot of sensein all your actions from the very beginning, by virtue of which we started to feel the pre natal signs of perfect future then.

          With Social Networks, Online Applications, Personalized Messages and Promotional Videos you chose the right path to be in line with the Gen Next. From Appreciations to what you aspire to achieve from a foreign visit, from policies to performance appraisals, from cleanliness to complete safety you tweeted everything that you came across and it kind of gave us the feeling of staying connected with the Government and our PM, Thanks.

          Compact Cabinet, Importance to Federalism, Fixed Development Agenda across sectors and numerous such high points were spotted through the days gone by. Some decisions were skeptical too, scrapping of the Planning commission, the giant statue etc. and a few decisions that for sure need a revisit e.g. your prolonged silence over “Hindu Nation” remarks by certain sections of the community.

          Every Citizen in what you call as “Skilled India” wakes up with a lot of hope, a hope that he will have a better living today than what he had yesterday, a hope that indirectly rests on the government and its leaders (to facilitate it), a hope that still remains just a hope for him. It’s high time that you fill him back with sustained HOPE – Health, Opportunity, Prosperity and Education.

          Hope when I look back at your 1000* days at office you would have filled us all with HOPE. Congrats on a promising 100 days completed. #Aachee Din has not arrived yet, but is coming very soon.

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