Election 2021 – Highlights & Voting Information

Election 2021 - Quick Info

Here we are coming up with important information regarding Election 2021.

Regardless of the hopes of the parties contesting and faith in politics, kindly cast your vote, or else it will be misused. If you don’t find a better candidate to vote for, make sure to vote for the one he comparatively better among the contestants.

Check your Voting Booth information and download it from https://electoralsearch.in/ .

People who don’t have voter ID can still vote if they have one of the following 11 specified photo identity documents

  • Passport
  • Driving licence
  • Service identity cards with photograph issued to employees by central/state govt./PSU/public limited company
    Passbook with photograph issued by a state bank or post office
  • PAN card
  • Smart card issued by RGI under NPR
  • MNREGA job card
  • Health Insurance smart card issued under the scheme of Ministry of Labour
  • Pension document with photograph
  • Official identity cards issued to MPs/MLAs

An whatsapp forward passing around regarding tender vote  and challenge vote is partially true. If you find that someone has already cast your vote, then ask for “tender vote” and cast your vote. 

When you are voting through EVM machine , if a different party symbol light is glowing instead of the party button which you have pressed, keep holding the button and inform the same to officers over there. 

Highlights of Election 2021

TN elections are primely influenced by ADMK and DMK parties in recent decades, but Election 2021 is something to look up to as this is the first time both DMK and ADMK are gearing up for assembly election without their party Heads late Mr.Karunanithi and late Ms.Jayalalitha respectively. And we have 2 New parties facing this assembly election, TTV Dinakaran’s AMMK and Kamal Haasan’s Makkal Needhi Maiam. On the other side, Seeman’s Naam Tamilar Katchi is strengthening its root in its own way.

Vijaykanth who was fighting hard against the giant MKs since the 2006 Election with his party DMDK is unfortunately totally down due to health issues, if he was powerful as before, Election 2021 battle would have been totally different.

Ex-IAS Sagayam, who is another promising entry into Election 2021 has come into the election field at the last minute which missed to create a big impact on election 2021, whose party is contesting on around 29 constituencies by keeping alliance with the Tamil Nadu Youth Party and the Valamana Tamizhaga Katchi (Prosperous Tamil Nadu Party). We expect that they will be building up the party in the near future and be a prime one in the next elections.

Explore Sagayam’s Political Party manifesto and Candidates



Election 2021 - Analysis

Though this is the right time to find our alternatively new party rather than ADMK and DMK, we don’t find any other 3rd party with a promising vote bank despite having some promising ideologies as both the DK parties are holding around 70-80% vote bank whereas the remaining parties hold around 20% cumulatively.

The Biggest weakness of ADMK+ is its alliance with BJP however they cannot avoid it since it is strongly backed up by BJP post Jayalalithaa’s death, BJP is one big reason for ADMK to sustain for 4 long years. The sad part with the ruling party is, they are totally enforced by the national party and their ideologies. And still, we are not clear on the demise of the late Jayalalitha and the drama performed by various higher officials at ADMK, and the split of AMMK. Just recollecting one most saddening incident where people who were shot down for raising voice against Sterlite issue at Tuticorin and our government was not even able to give a voice for our fellow people. On the other hand, still, DMK is facing a hard battle despite ADMK being weak due to their earlier corruptions and succession politics.

As per our perception, AMMK+ would split certain votes of ADMK. MNM+ will split the votes of certain youngsters and people who are looking for a change. NTK will get some reasonable votes better than their previous vote bank. Revisiting Election 2016, DMK+ lost to ADMK+ with just a 1% margin, whereas Makkal Nala Kootani (DMDK +MDMK +, etc) played a major role in splitting the votes.

It is important to support the newly formed parties, at the same it is also important to realize that each vote matters and decides the winner. It is a wise idea to support one among the biggest parties as it will decide the winner of the election 2021 rather than supporting a new party or voting NOTA. It’s actually a wrong ideology, but sadly still we are not in the situation to avoid the giant parities as they play a major role in this election too. Most probably for the next elections, we might see some different parties playing major roles. But making way for such things in the future is in our hands-on electing a better party for election 2021. One way is, voting for the party which we like, the other way is voting accordingly which is against a party that must not get into power at any cause. Think wisely and vote accordingly.

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