COVID Pandemic – Things to realize and follow !

India’s first corona virus-positive case was reported at Kerala on Jan 30. Now they have one of the most recovered states all over the world. When the entire world is suffering, it is indeed a great administration and implementations taken by the Kerala government, officials and also cooperated by people to fight against COVID. Earlier in 2018, Kerala faced a similar kind of pandemic with the Nipah virus, maybe they would have got a better ideology on how to handle such virus spreading pandemics. Anyhow its a great job by Keralites!

Tamil Nadu And COVID!

We started better with right restrictions and lock-down implementations but there were also minor collapses as other cities/state people suffered to travel to their places due to lack of transportation and prior arrangements, sudden curfew which made people rush to shops where again there were no proper arrangements. But things didn’t go that worse at that time.

When there were less number of cases, we were on severe lock-down but now when things are getting worse day by day, we are getting into relaxation. And there are many reasons for these relaxations, our economy is getting worse and also there are people who suffer a lot just to get fed once a day. It is hard for such people who feel hard to fight against poverty then fighting against COVID. It is also clearly evident that our government is lagging on managing this situation both ideologically and financially. But it is not the time to pinpoint our government, let us just keep it on mind during the upcoming election and focus on how to get rid of this situation now.

Except IT sector, it is a difficult right from big business to small shops to daily workers. Some business cannot be closed for a long time and there are also some businesses which are interlinked with other chains which helps people in big-time for survival. Let us get relaxed from lock-down only for our most important needs but each of us must strictly follow social distancing measures despite where ever we are and whatever we are doing. With no big clarity on Corona Virus,  It will take time for vaccinations to get through this COVID pandemic, instead of expecting someone to regularize us, let is follow safety measures to stay safe and let our near and dears to stay safe.

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