The calendar read someday in 2012, bunch of boys from a small town Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu fantasized of channelizing all their interests into a career of their own. They bet on their Ideas and dreamt big. Aspirations grew bigger and imaginations went wild but they took time to sketch the right shades to their skeleton thoughts.

WILD IMAGINATIONZ – Be distinct | Stay original

Wild ImagiNationz is a conglomerate that has two operating arms viz. WI Media | WI Corp, with one core value aligning them “Be distinct. Stay original”. We at WI Nationz believe in our content, credibility & consistency. Our products available in varied spheres are developed with one common goal – “Target Transformation”. Every product will take us and our stakeholders to the next step.

WI Studios | WI Corp

There is always a fine line which separates what’s that excites you and what you are good at. We wished to be on both the sides of it, Media as an amusement and Technology as amazement.

WI Nationz in house Media Wing operates WI News & WI Box office.

News that adds wings to your wisdom, News that brings the world into your wallet, News that has sense ahead of sensation, News where words speak louder than actions – WI NEWS. A special coverage “WI Editor’s Report” will voice every event that needs attention.

WI Box Office is a one stop destination to know all that’s happening in the Tinsel town. News feeds on an Industry where Gossips, Glitz and Glamour are all within one, WI will report on only the genuine news makers from the film world. Adding more to the movies, WI Box Office will act a perfect partner for film promotions in the online space.

Ideas that are new and novel will all be formulated and delivered in one common platform – WI Corp

Having Innovation as our tradition, WI Corp provides services such as web application development, website creation & maintenance, App development, corporate presentations that help broaden your business beyond boundaries. We value our Technical brilliance, for your business Transformation.

Imaginations are the only prized possessions that humans carry in their otherwise preoccupied life. We decided to play with that possession. Inspired by the fact that every new idea innovates a bit of un-known and illuminates a part of well-known, we present you with WI NATIONZ.

Thanks to the online space assisted with social networks that have helped us launch a brand out of our ideas. Slowly but steadily we have nurtured and broken our shells. With added experience to our wings we together will explore new terrains and will cover this boundless world with a brand called WI NATIONZ.