DON – WI Review

DON is feel good entertainer with all commercial elements , along with a emotional & sentimental plot taking the film to an different phase .


Chakkaravarthy , an student who does not have interests in studying , wishes to find out what is he interested and passionate about . After being forced by his father (Samuthirakani) to study engineering , takes steps on exploring his interests despite facing pressure from his strict college discipline in-charge turned principal (SJ Suriya) and how things goes on is the storyline

WOW Elements

Film begins as a typical Siva Karthikeyan film with all the fun elements with himself playing school and college goer. Being a student character , it could have been written with a slightly down playing role for SK at parts which would have given even a bigger reach for Chakkaravarthy. The film begins with a commercial note , travels on the same phase and takes an emotional elevation on the later part. May be the commercial way of conveying the story at the earlier part would be odd for a set of audience and a entertaining one for the rest , but director stands tall with summing up all the contents conveyed on earlier parts with emotional touches on later part , that is the soul and savior of the film. The characters played by Samuthirakani and SJ Surya are the major highlights of the film. Being an debutant , director needs to be appreciated for handling the emotional and sentimental parts on a feel good way.


This film is a unavoidable one at SK’s career , as it has all kind of elevations for SK to perform let it be fun , romance , emotions and SK has also uplifted his performance on handling emotional scenes . Another important factor is the plot and the way the film is conveyed , it has all the elements for audience from 6 to 60 to look up. The Brand SK is getting even stronger with this film.

Message & Verdict

Film strongly conveys three important messages related to a youngster’s life. One being the scarifies and love of a Father / Parents , showing the goodness of the Teachers and it also speaks on interests , wishes and passion of an youngster rather than just forcing him in doing the routine stuffs. Even though the film has some average moments , director has matched up everything with emotional touches and gets all the appreciation for conveying one powerful message ” Celebrate your parents when they are with you “.

WI Rating : 3.25/5

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