Kamaraj – The Pride of Tamil Nadu

Today , July 15 , the day on which an Great Leader , legend was born . Kamaraj was born on July 15 , 1903 . Not a few things , he has been an perfect example for everything on how a leader should be .
Though he ruled the Tamil Nadu as Chief Minister , he did’nt change his financial status by the political power . He was the Politician who lived with his own background before taking charge the power and after taking charge the power in the Politics . He was very keen on the Student education , poor people welfare , he made many effective measures to bring them up . He founded the rail factory in perambur , army camp in avadi , Industrial estate in guindy and the list his activities goes on.

The Politician who refused the PM post and made other people as Pm , thats why he was called as the King Maker. In today’s politics , people does anything and everything for getting a post . After getting the post , their ultimate aim is to earn big and to destroy the opposition party . Kamarajar was the leader , who never points on other political parties . In the current generation , if the politicians follow at least 10% of the principles of him , Each state will become the best state . Its un doubtable that Tamil Nadu will never get a CM like this Legend , hope some people comes in futhur at least with few qualities like this great man .

Salute to the Pride of Tamil Nadu , Kamaraj Sir on Behalf of Team WI .

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