Why Linux Is better than Windows ?

Why Linux Is better than Windows ?

When comparing Windows 10 with Microsoft’s previous versions, Windows 10 has improved a lot and user interface has become much easier.

Also Microsoft provides constant security updates to reduce the vulnerability, however most of users wants to do the task on their own way rather than standard way.

Below are the top reasons why Linux is better than Windows :

  1. Custom User Interface :
    • Even though Windows 10 has great UI, but not all the users has the same preference. Here is the fun part, Linux allows users to create their own interface based on the user preference. You can learn to change the GUI, there are plenty of articles available on internet for the same.
  2. Linux is Free !!!
    • You can use Windows unlicensed version, however there are few features are disabled if you have not activated Windows. Linux is absolutely free and provides constant updates.
  3. Lightweight and Supports older Hardware:
    • The size of Linux is much less than the Windows OS, most of the Linux versions are under 2 gigabytes and some packages are available from 600 megabytes.
  4. Open Platform:
    • Since Linux is an open platform, it has more number of free applications when compared to Windows.
  5. Better Performance:
    • Majority of the fastest supercomputers runs on Linux.
    • Linux runs faster than Windows 8.1 and 10, the main reason for that is Linux is very lightweight while Windows is huge.
    • It has better read / write architecture.
  6. Customization:
    • Linux has many versions or custom made distributions which are highly customizable based on the user requirements.
    • Windows programs can be executed on Linux with the help of compatibility layers for instance WINE.
  7. Faster Installation and No Reboot required:
    • There is no need to reboot Linux system after any software installation. Windows will ask for reboot for certain software such as antivirus.
  8. Data Security:
    • Linux never collects the data of its user like Windows does in the name for performance improvement.

Most of the small and big organizations are using Linux than Windows for their server because of its advantages. Windows are better for users and gaming, Linux is best suitable for running servers. If you want to run a server which should not require too many manual intervention then you should prefer having Linux servers in your organization.

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