Virat Kohli’s Vision

Leading Indian cricketer and Test Series  captain Virat Kohli said that Indian team should dominate for six years.

“I strongly want to see the Indian team dominate for at least five or six years.

We certainly have the talent. We certainly have the ability. All that it will take is how you manage that and keep them together.

I want to create strong bonds. I want to create strong friendships in this unit.

We live 250-280 days a year together so I want to create such an atmosphere where in the next ten years watching it from outside you would get to know this team is a united team. This team is a strongly knit unit. They want to play for each other. They don’t want to play for themselves. That is my vision.

In Test matches we want to be the team to beat. It is just the mindset, sometimes we tend to go into that zone where the thinking is not right.

Not many people understand the kind of things I have seen in life at a very young age. Maybe that is why I believe in myself a lot. I think if I did not have belief, I would not be able to build my career all these years.

Bad times will come but it makes you want to look forward to the good times that lie ahead, as well as appreciate the good times that you have had in your life and career. Respect the bad times when they come and not be broken by it.

I do not want to force anyone to respect our lives or force anyone to behave in a certain way. That is not in our control. I made that statement because it is very important for people to understand how we feel.

If people choose to behave in a manner where you are burning effigies, it is very important for people to understand that we have families, our families feel bad. We have people who are emotionally attached to us. We are not all alone in the world. We are human beings with emotions, feelings. I wanted to put out there how I feel.”¬† Kohli said

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