The LOVE Of Ajith-Shalini ~ 16th Wedding Anniversary Special

It is said that marriages are made in heaven. However, like a wise person once said, the challenge is that they need to be lived out on the earth.
Ajith – Shalini , the couple met and felt the soul on each other .

They met on the sets of the super hit movie Amarkalam . The Relationship Begun with Friendship and the Close Friendship led to Love and the marriage happened on the 24th of April 2000, and the lovely couple were blessed with a little angel called Anoushka on the 3rd of Jan 2008. On this march 2nd , the couple was blessed with second child , boy baby named Aadvik .

Team WI Wishes from Heart on this 16th Anniversary to the couple matched by god to be happy forever . We have collected few Old Interviews by Thala Ajith Sir and Shalini Madam during their love & marriage times ,

Ajith – On 1999

Ours is more a meeting of the mind. Today I may be a successful star. But to be honest, when I met Shalini I was nobody. And then I was recuperating from my back pain. So, it was not that she was impressed with me and it was love at first sight. We started as good friends, and love grew from that friendship. She was a good friend first and a good listener. I am able to talk about all my problems to her. I am lucky to have her. Since she too is from this industry, it helps her to understand my problems better.

Shalini is a Protestant Christian and my father is a Brahmin from Palghat. But no one is changing the religion. She can practice hers, and I mine. We won’t force our views on each other. Tomorrow when we have children, we will be teaching them all the religions, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity. And when they grow to adulthood, they’re free to choose whatever they want. Religion is not the issue. What is important is that Shalini and I are comfortable with each other. We love each other and that’s all that counts

Shalini On March 2000

When did your first meeting with Ajithkumar take place?

In November 1998. Ajithkumar, for the first time, talked with me through telephone, following my refusal earlier, to the producer of “Amarkkalam” and it’s director Charan, when both of them (producer and director) had asked me to act in that film. Ajith told me: “”Amarkkalam” is my 25th film. It’s my wish to team with you in a film. First, you please hear the story-narration of the film. If you like it, you may give your callsheet. Otherwise, I won’t compel you any further”. Hearing him speak like this, I changed my mind. I heard the story-narration by director Charan. As I liked it, I gave my callsheet.
In the meantime, I saw, along with my family members, the film “Kaathal Mannan”, acted by Ajith and directed by Charan. As I liked it very much, I came to have good confidence in “Amarkkalam” unit. The first day of shooting took place on 17th March, last year. Dhaamu and I were acting in it. Ajith came there. It was only then that I saw him first. Our relationship at that time was that he was the hero and I was the heroine of the film, that’s all.
What are the qualities that you like in Ajithkumar?
I can refer to three qualities: First, as far as film shooting work is concerned, he’s a hard-worker. He forgets even food and sleep while doing work. Secondly, he first thinks of others. Then only he thinks about himself. Suppose if anyone suffers, he would be the first person to lend his help. Thirdly, the self-confidence and his acting talent that enabled him to come up in life without seeking others’ support! After facing so many challenges and undergoing so many sufferings, he has become a hero of great feats.

Ajith On May 2001

One year has been completed since you married Shalini. How is your (married) life?

No problem. If a man has to come forward in life, first, there should be peace at home. There has to be a woman at the helm of affairs as well as behind the success of a man. Such a kind of a woman is my wife Shalu. Really I’m a gifted man. ‘Manaivi Amaivathellaam Iraivan Koduththa Varam’ —these words aren’t simply said without any significance! God has enabled me and my life to have His kind blessings! Shalu too has come from the film industry. So, she’s able to come to a decision herself, after having assessed what’s good for me and what isn’t so for my well-being. Only the support I derive from my wife is the source of my success. My marriage life is very much interesting. Quite divine too!


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