Papanasam for Tirunelveli; after Aadukalam for Madurai and Sundarapandian for Ramanathapuram

Papanasam movie

Tamil movies aren’t always rooted and true to it’s setting. Most films hint at the district/place during the first few scenes and then return to the generic slang and character habits. At times, they even wrongly depict the people of the movie’s setting. These may be due to many reasons, as like director or actor not belonging to that location or logistic inability to shoot in the real location and so on.

But sincere attempts do happen every once in a while in Tamil cinema. It takes an eye for detail and hard work to pull it off accurately. There are many worthwhile mentions like Paruthi veeran, Kumki, Aadukalam, Kalavani and so on. Kamal Hasan always stays true to the script, slang¬†and setting. Be it the Michael Madhana Kama Rajan, Sathi Leelavathi, Pammal K Sambantham, he has defined the location’s nuances and dialog delivery in celluloid.

Now Papanasam comes as a treat for Tirunelveli people. His dialog, hair style, dressing sense, house setup, familial connections, body language… everything is looking alike a 40-odd old Tirunelveli born-and-brought-up man. A gush of delight comes while seeing ‘yeya en kottikaara’ video for his Tirunelveli fans. For people from Tirunelveli, TN _ _ is a number, but TN 72 is an emotion! So is the Papanasam movie.

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