One Year of Yennai Arindhaal

Yennai Arindhaal – If u call it as ‘ Thala AjithKumar Film ‘ , yes you are damn right. Else If ‘A Gautam Vasudev Menon Film ‘ , then you are right again.

SathyaDev IPS, Hemanika, Eesha, Thenmoli, Victor – The Characters stay strong on our brains even after a year and that’s the power of GVM. Ajith as Sathyadev, a perfect cop and a beloved father stands tall as an actor. ArunVijay as Victor was a stylish, hungry, fit and energetic antagonist to be celebrated forever. Baby Anikha as Eesha with dad sathyadev makes us to go crazy texting GVM, ‘we need sequel soon sir.. Trisha as Hemanika and Anushka as Thenmoli looked more beautiful than before and maybe this is how GVM sees a girl, Respects sir.. Vivekh as Revolver Richard with sathyadev was a treat to watch.

It’s undoubt-ably   a big milestone in the career of Arun Vijay , who played a baddie for the first time and got a big applause for his performance . Arun Vijay , who watched the early morning show on the first day , was celebrated by the fans which made him go emotional. We , Team WI came out with a video paying tribute to the Actor with the incident happened to him last year during the film’s release , click here to view the tribute video .

Congrats to the Entire cast and crew of Yennai Arindhaal , Especially Gautham Menon for showing both Class and Mass in Ajith Kumar the Actor.

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