Milestones & Facts of TN’s Iron Lady Jayalalitha

The so called iron lady , inspiration for women , Our Honorable CM  Jayalalitha Jayaram is no more. Our Deepest condolence on unexpected demise of  Purahithalaivi selvi Dr.J.Jayalalitha , May her soul rest in peace.

Here comes some big facts from the Life of Dr.J.Jayalalitha collected from various media and interviews.

  • Jayalalitha learnt Bharatnatyam when she was just 3.
  • She was forced to join the Tamil Films by her actress mother Sandhya (Real Name-Vedavathi) at the age of 15 in spite of being a topper in studies.
  • Her first movie was rated ‘Adults only’, but the irony is she could not watch her own debut movie in theaters because she was not an adult!
  • Her first debut role in the ‘A’ grade movie was a young widow. How inappropriate debut role it was for a girl.
  • During her movie career, she fell in love with already married actor Shoban Babu. She was caught watching him through binoculars from her residence. Great love it was, but she never got married!
  • MGR, the actor, director, producer, and politician, who also served as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu successively for three terms, not only did dozens of hit movies with Jayalalitha, but also introduced her into politics.
  • Jayalalitha is a great reader of English books, she carries some of them whenever she travels.
  • Not only she governs, but she is a good writer in Tamil – has authored at least one novel. She was a regular writer in the yesteryear Tamil weekly by name “Thai”.
  • Jayalalitha holds the record for having been the Tamil actress with maximum silver jubilee hits in her career – 80 hits of 85 Tamil films and in addition, she also has all 28 films in Telugu as silver jubilee hits. Her one film in Hindi, ‘Izzat’, was also a hit.
  • On 24th June 1991, she became the second woman chief minister of Tamil Nadu of youngest age.
  • When she became the Chief Minister, she was given a cheque as her first salary. She said that she had “abundant source of income and she does not need a salary”. On being told that she should receive a salary as public servant, she accepted a salary of Rs.1/-.
  • Jayalalithaa’s Main Achievements in Political life are Free Cycle Scheme, Rainwater Harvest, Cradle Baby Scheme, and Amma Unavagam (Canteen) .

Milestones of Dr.J.Jayalalitha in Short :

1948- Born Feb 24, in Melukote town,Karnataka.
1961- Starts film career as a child actress.
1965- Debuts as the lead actress in movie Vennira Aadai.
1965- First time acts opposite MG Ramachandran
1982- Becomes a member of the MGR led AIADMK party.
1983- Appointed AIADMK propaganda secretary.
1984- Rift with MGR. Striped from part posts.
1985- AIADMK rift after MGR’s death. One faction supports Janaki, the wife of MGR and the other supports Jayalalitha.
1988- Janaki becomes TN’s CM but President’s rule is soon imposed on the state.
1989- AIAMDK loses election by a huge margin. Janaki quits party clearing the path for a new legacy. Jayalalitha vows to step inside assembly only as CM.
1991- AIADMK-Cong sweeps the polls by a huge margin. Jayalalitha becomes the CM for her first time.
1996- AIADMK Loses by a huge margin. Jayalalitha arrested after 48 cases stacked against her and 8 on Sasikala.
2001- Becomes CM for the second time but Supreme Court unseats her. O Paneerselvam named as CM.
2003- Allowed to contest election. Becomes CM after winning from Andipatti.
2006- Defeated by DMK-Congress alliance. Leader of opposition till 2011.
2011- Returns as CM for 3rd time.
2014- Convicted by the court for illegal pile of assets. Striped of her title as CM and O Paneerselvam was made CM again.
2015- Wins the case and returns as CM once again.
2016- Wins the state polls once again and becomes the CM for the fifth time, second consecutive time.
September 22,2016- Admitted to the Apollo hospitals owing to lung infection. Undergoes treatment for a month and half and is announced to be recovering soon and healthy by the start of November. Signed an official statement in the starting month of November. Expected to come back healthy soon and resume her reign as the undisputed CM.
December 4,2016- Suffers a heart attack late in the evening. Admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.
December 5,2016- Takes her final breath after being kept under life support for an entire day.

Some Rare Photos of Dr.J.Jayalalitha


Many loves her , Many hates her , but none can ignore her . She is one of the finest example for women as she has faced , struggled and survived through out her life without any big support being a lady.




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