KGF 2 – The KGF Franchise creates HISTORY

KGF Chapter 2 , which has already created its own fan base with its earlier part , meets fans expectations and turned out as a box office monster as it is enjoyed by all regions of audience.


Though the film has high level of heroism , the team has made their best ground works to convince with an interesting screenplay , editing , characterizations and making . Conveying the story with an non linear editing makes it very crispy and interesting. An set of audience may not prefer too much of commercial and heroic films but KGF is made in a way which tries to convince those set of audience and they have also almost achieved the same which is the major reason for its huge reach even for all the dubbed versions matching with the original version.

With KGF Chapter 1 already conveying what is KGF series is all about and have already created its own fanbase , the director and team has given their 100% effort to make KGF Chapter 2 even more mighty and engaging than its preceding part. Thus it has worked out very well with the audience as they already know what to expect from the film and the team given their best to justify the series more than its earlier part. KGF series is a kind of film , which majorly works for a theatrical watch.

Team has reprised important background scores , screenplay flow and other stuffs from KGF 1 which helps a lot for audience to get into the films mood. For some characters and story line , makers had many knots untied even on Chapter 1 , which were framed and connected very well with Chapter 2 , now they have again followed the same with KGF 2. Looks like KGF 3 is on cards.


One small example to mention the dedication of the director Prashanth Neel and the entire team is TOOFAN song. Major audio tracks would sound much stronger but the makers would fail to utilize the 100% potential of the song through its visualization. Here the makers have given their best to film each second of the song as per the tempo and lyrics , which also tells the story of KGF 1 and conveys the emotions to the audience. The team has worked with the same intention for the entire 2hours 48minutes runtime of the film.


Just on seeing some mass elevation scenes especially the police station scene and looking on audience accepting and celebrating Rocky Bhai , it was relatable with our very own Baasha which was also accepted by all set of people. Because , an mass heroic character who is being accepted by a wide range of audience never happens easily , Rocky is one its kind.


With KGF 2 doing extraordinary business on all the versions , the film is also creating a new history on Kollywood. The film being clashed with one of the top most hero #Vijay’s Beast , has managed to get more shows on various theaters across TN after an extraordinary reviews on Day 1. Due to the BO clash at TN , as Beast is already running with regular shows , KGF 2 is scheduled on non prime timings and surprisingly those are all packed houses, KGF2 happens to be the first film in TN to get 1am , 4am shows scheduled on various theaters even on week days post the releasing week / weekend.

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