No One Can Be Forced To Undergo COVID-19 Vaccinations – Says Supreme Court

No individual can be forced to take the vaccine, the Supreme Court said on this Monday , May 2 , 2022 in a decision on India’s Covid vaccine policy, also directing the central government to publish reports on the adverse effects of vaccination.

“Bodily integrity is protected under the law and nobody can be forced to be vaccinated,” the Supreme Court said. The court asserted, however, that “certain limitations on individual rights” could be imposed in the interest of community health. “Barring Covid-appropriate behavior, we suggest no curbs on unvaccinated individuals in access to public places, services and resources if cases are low,” the Supreme Court said.

The bench said that no data has been placed by the Union of India or the States controverting the material placed by the petitioner in the form of emerging scientific opinion which appears to indicate that the risk of transmission of the virus from unvaccinated individuals is almost on par with that from vaccinated persons.

“Till the infection rate remains low and any new development or research finding emerges which provides due justification to impose reasonable and proportionate restrictions on the rights of unvaccinated individuals, we suggest that all authorities in this country, including private organisations and educational institutions, review the relevant orders and instructions imposing restrictions on unvaccinated individuals in terms of access to public places, services and resources, if not already recalled,” the bench said.


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