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Worst Flood in Jammu & Kashmir in 50 Years

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Worst Flood in Jammu & Kashmir in 50 Years

Nearly 150 people have died in rain-battered Jammu and Kashmir which is witnessing its worst flood in 50 years. Nearly 10,000 people are stranded across the state due to the continued rain and climate change from past five days.

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah addressed the media on Saturday saying that it does not matter whether the Centre declares the situation in Jammu and Kashmir a ‘national calamity’, as long as timely help comes for the people.

Abdullah informed that in Kashmir, 390 villages have submerged and another 1,090 villages have been affected because of incessant flooding with South Kashmir being totally inaccessible. Abdullah called it the worst flood in the last 50 years, saying that most areas have been cut off, with bridges and roads having been washed away.

Rescue operations are happening ,  According to the Army, the situation in the state is as grim as it was in Uttrakhand last year. Team WI prays for a speedy recovery for the people who are affected by this flood.

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