World Wide Web (www) On Its 25th Anniversary

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The information superhighway called the World Wide Web came into being 25 years ago on Wednesday (March 12 , 2014).  on March 12, 1989 British engineer and computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee, now Director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), wrote a proposal for what would finally become the World Wide Web.

Internet refers to the vast networking infrastructure that connects millions of computers across the world and the World Wide Web is the worldwide collection of text pages, digital photographs, music files, videos, and animations, which users can access over the Internet. The Web uses the HTTP protocol to transmit data and is only a part of the Internet. The Internet includes a lot that is not necessarily the Web.

Today, we are able to access all webpages through internet . World Wide Web plays an major role in connecting the websites all over the world , Congrats to the Inventor on this 25th Year Anniversary from Team WI.
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