WI Nationz Anniversary (April 14) Spl Article & Video

 In WI Nationz Shouts


The story of our relationship began the same day last year, 14/04/2013. Beginning with simple yet powerful goals ahead of us, we are happy that we achieved quite a few of them by being a talking point in the web space, a value addition to your IQ, a interlink between you and the updated world , conveying sensational issues ,  a time pass fun zone , delivering creative stuffs and Social activities.

A big Thank you for the Respect and love you all have commended on us. Thank YOU. The year gone by had many twists and turns in itself. We are happy that we noticed everything that happened and more importantly happy that we brought everything before you all via WI Nationz to read and learn yourself.

The learn – make others learn phase last year at WI Nationz, covering India’s champions trophy victory, Scale of money involved in IPL scandal, sachin’s retirement, Chess championships at Chennai, Disaster management done during Himalayan floods, India-US issues on devyani, Rise and fall of Arvind kejiriwal, Indian born Nadela as Microsoft Boss, Indian rupee went record lowest against US dollars in 20 years, Andhra split, 100 years of Indian cinema with some 400 crore movies and the bid to national elections have all made us realize one thing, We as a nation India and individuals are doing things BIG, potentially in all spheres. Other than Official information on sensitive issues and entertainment , we are trying hard to deliver Creative Stuffs and do Social Activities.

In the coming year we at WI Nationz are planning things big, hopefully will execute them big as well. For which we need all your Big support, Big Encouragement, Big contribution and Big Heart… BIG THANKS.THANK YOU. Keep supporting Us

– Team WI

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