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After a long wait , the most expected movie of Indian Cinema , Kochadaiiyaan has hit the screens . First of all , instead of reviewing the story in brief  , Team WI wishes to say whether the movie has meet up the expectations , as the movie has been  made in motion capture , new Technology and Why the film makers have gone for it .

   Kochadaiiyaan Starring Super Star Rajini, Deepika Padukone, Jackie Shroff, Nassar, R. Sarathkumar, Rukmini Vijayakumar, Shobana , Adhi and more , Interestingly , the legendary actor Nagesh sir has been recreated in this movie.The Story revolves between Father (Kochadaiiyaan) and Sons (Rana, Sena) , Son who fulfils His Father’s Dreams and takes Revenge on the people who are responsible for his Father’s Death. The Storyline and the Screenplay are  big strengths to the Movie.Super Star Rajini plays apt role in the movie which will satisfy all his fans  . The Dialogues are awesome and it gets more power through Super Star . Only his presence can be used to welcome a new technology in TN Cinema in a grand way.

There are some views among people that the movie would be great if its captured in real time and taken or if the motion capture technology is done effectively as like as hollywod. To make it in real time , its too hard to make sets , stunts and casting with low expense in short time period , thats why the team has gone for motion capture + animation Technology . First attempt , not the best , but better and the Powerful Story – Screenplay – Dialogues – Music Supports the movie as a massive entertainer .

Just watch out the trailer and checkout the visuals before watching the movie , the movie will surly satisfy. Rather than watching in 3D , go for 2D . The film makers have put lots of work in making the movie in this technology , as they are doing with motion – captured + animation , they might have concentrated more on 3D Effects too. Anyway , hats off to the entire team for initiating this Filming in Indian Cinema , its an valid first team , Congrats to the Entire Kochadaiiyaan Makers from Team WI Box Office .

Positive  | Rajini , Story , Dialogues , BGM
Negative | 3D


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