Why is Ms.Jayalalitha’s return to the helm of affairs is good for the state ?

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“Its an exaggerated Judgement” was every AIADMK cadre’s war cry last September, the DMK felt happy saying “Truth Prevailed”, whereas every common man on a TN street felt “Good or bad this should not have happened at this point in time” (considering the brisk pace at which developments were planned in the state). Days passed, September met May, charges were reverted (we don’t hold the authority to analyse and comment on a Top court’s Judgement), jubilation’s began for the AIADMK, Opposition felt dismayed and again the common man hoped for return of normalcy.

Why is J Jayalalitha’s return to the helm of affairs is good for the state ?

We strongly believe, the role of a voter in our society is very much equivalent to that of a rag picker, you know you are digging into rags, still your job is to choose the best one suited for your livelihood among what is made available to you. Right, we can hear you saying why not 49 o, it’s ultimately of no use at the end (refer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/49-O#Disqualification_hoax). By above means in 2011, among those were available before us we chose the AIADMK and  Ms.Jayalalitha. Things were more than fine, the government made reality many a populist  schemes, it had an vision for 2023,  it’s not that the Government fulfilled all it’s poll promises, but positive energy prevailed everywhere that it will fulfill it.

All of a sudden that happened on Sep 27 and dirty politics was there to be seen for everybody in TN for the last 7 months. The State Government took a paid sabbatical, things went off-course, decisions were denied to be made, and people were given bizarre excuses for the Government’s sluggishness. 237 days passed, the swearing in yesterday brought back the hope of development, hope of normalcy and an end to inactivity.

Let’s not waste time in arguing about the past of a person, let’s think what’s the best possibility available at present to achieve quick growth and  sustainability. We need someone who is not afraid to make decisions, who can establish a strong connect with the center, who should have impeccable administrative capabilities (leaving dirty politics aside, everybody does that for a reason). For us, it all sums up to Ms.J.Jayalaitha at the moment. Let’s have our fingers crossed, its time for TN to shout PeaceProsperity and Progress!!

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