What it takes to be a Professor in Self Financing Engg colleges ?

 In WI Editor's Report

Teacher should teach student has become an old say and the current say is that teacher should search student.

Most of the self financed engineering colleges in Tamilnadu want their faculties to bring admissions. Hard fact is, sustainment and performance appraisal of faculties here, are based on the admissions referred and not by their qualification, academic contribution or experience. In the competitive environment, instead searching new job, faculties prefer searching candidates for admission.

When education turns business, marketing becomes the main strategy. But the sad thing is, Teachers lose their dignity.

If this persist, does the quality of an educational institution can be measured by the quality of the teachers it has employed ? , The answer is No, definitely not.

A good faculty has the power to inspire and transform the lives of students. Good Infrastructure with good faculty is the key to indicate the quality of institute. A good quality institute can obviously produce good quality engineers for the society. To be good ,Do good.

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