Weekend Verdict – Thumbs Up for Purampokku & 36 Vayadhinile

 In WI Editor's Cut

Kollywood had two big releases , Purampokku and 36 Vayadhinile  on last friday , may 15 , 2015 . Purampokku directed by SP.Jananathan with Arya , Vijay Sethupathi , Shaam in the lead role had bigger number of screens on comparing to to the other release 36 Vayadhinile starring jyothika . Purampokku got a big opening  with  mixed reviews and 36 vayadinilayae got a decent opening with positive reviews. At this opening week , purampokku has done big in boxoffice followed by 36 Vayadhinile . In the coming weeks , 36 vayadhinile has more chances to have a steady run as it is welcomed by all centers of audience .

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