The next big leap for Indian Indie Films – Stone Bench Creations

Most of the latest breed of Film directors hail from short films, and occasionally from Independent films too. After firmly placed in the industry, one among them – Karthik Subburaj, the successful director of cult films Pizza and Jigarthanda, with the support and help of his friends and associates has set up a platform for Short and Indie filmmakers. He started Stone Bench Creations in August and Benchflix is an important part of it. Benchflix aims to generate revenue, recognition and reach for the short and Indie filmmakers.

Stone Bench Creations Launch Photos

            Now, as promised the Stone Bench Creations has compiled six excellent shorts into one feature. The feature-length film after U/A certification is gearing up for its theatrical release on march 6 in Chennai, Coimbatore and Bangalore SPI cinemas and PVR. Though we highly request you to watch it in the theatres and support the initiative and the upcoming talent, it will be more apt to ask you to watch it in Theatre, only because it will entertain you, engross you; since it is a good Cinema.


        It is directed by 6 filmmakers, including Karthik Subburaj directorial and Vijay Sethupathi starring ‘Neer’. It needs your support, it won’t leave you empty-handed, but rather heart-filled in return. First Bench – Bench Talkies 1 releases on March 6 in Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore.  By making it successful, it will pave the way for subsequent such attempts in short and Indie films.

A seed is sown, it needs your support to sprout.

Water it as much as you can, so that one day it will grow as a big tree giving shade to many more.

Author: Renga Nathan

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