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Team WI Salutes Each and Every Patriotic Person who involved in the Freedom Struggle and got the Independence for India . August 15 , 2013 , Today we celebrate our 68th Independence Day . On this precious Day , Lets see the Mile Stones of Our Nation and People patriotism in getting the Freedom after an 200 year Rule by other Government .
From 1605 -1947 , India was ruled by many governments such as Dutch French Portuguese British and divided into various regions depends on their sources and location.Before we got freedom, 1900 India was part of the British empire. Queen Victoria had been made Empress of India and the British had a major military presence in India.after 1918 India started journey to get freedom because most of the peoples in India learned the basic knowledge and began to think about their status.Mahatma Gandhi lead his followers to fight in non violent.They started refusing everything like paying tax,working for the government,strikes.In 1947 Atlee announced that Britain will leave India by June 1948.
A new Viceroy was appointed – Lord Mountbatten & he concluded that peace could only be achieved if partition was introduced.The Hindu Congress agreed with him. Mountbatten became convinced that any delay would increase violence and he pushed forward the date for Britain leaving India to August 1947. In August 1947, the Indian Independence Act ws signed.This act made separation between Hindu -Muslims.
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