Thala – A Hero for Life

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Birthday’s are indeed meant for celebrations and if its the Birthday of your favorite star then celebrations beats boundaries.. But for this man’s fabulous set of fans #Thala Army the so called birthday of their star is actually a #FESTIVAL. Every year and again Thala fans never forget to make the day a memorable one. However this year the TV & online media too in large numbers have joined the fans to give the star an #ULTIMATE birthday Experience.

We too at WI, feel happy and privileged in wishing Ajith the Phenomenon a #HAPPYBIRTHDAY… but this article is not just a heartfelt wish from a die hard fan to his star in ultimate glory (we have done that earlier) this is more than that. This is about how Ajith the actor has stayed a Hero off screen for his fans and for everyone who knows him #THALA A HERO FOR LIFE…

To the billions of Billa buff’s around the world, we present 10 powerful quotes from the star’s life that every fan should follow.

In a Big bad Film world that’s changing every nano second, our HERO has remained the same Gentleman we first knew him as. It’s time we emulate him in our own world. #THALA A HERO FOR LIFE…

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