Tata – Jaguar XJ Luxury Car 3.0 Diesel Overview

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Acceleration 0-100 km/h seconds – 6.4 seconds

Top Speed – 250 km/h

Mileage – 12.9 km/l

Fuel Tank Capacity – 82 lit

Displacement – 2993 cc

Max.Torque – 600

Gear Transmission – 8 speed automatic

Versions – Portofolio and Premium Luxury

Price Portofolio ~ Rs.1 crore (10,090,330) Luxury ~ 9,419,793 in Chennai 

10 Important Features :

1. Four mode Climate Control

2. Long Wheelbase, Extra space for legroom

3. Controlled Co2 Emission

4. Various Themes available for Interior

5. 8 inch Touch Screen Display in Digital System near

6. Smart key function (Keyless entry)

7. Aluminium Body makes Good Handling

8. Ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper detect objects up to 1.8m away and the driver receives an audible warning

9. Meridian Sound System

10. Front of the car and a Rear-facing video camera.

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