Security in Merina Beach ?

 In WI Editor's Report


One of the most Beautiful and important place in Chennai is the Merina beach.But the sad part about merina is , about 44 people died in the last one and half year and out of 44 , 10 people body not found.

Merina beach is facing 20k peoples in working days and 50k peoples in holidays.But merina beach is having Not enough safety features to prevent peoples from death. In the year 2012 ,  death rate in Merina was 21.This year alone 24 peoples died in merina.Most of them are College students who comes to enjoy with their friends.Two or three policemen coming for thrice a week from Anna sathukam to prevent the death.Some policemen doesn’t know the swimming then how they will help others ? , they are doing the duty just for the name sake . Merina beach needs an individual police station. – Arun RG
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