Respect The Foods

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Food is equal to God.Million tons of food thrown away at  the same time millions of peoples dying without food. We are wasting foods for no good reasons. Simple quote if you follow this and food disaster will be reduced “Don’t waste your food give it to others”.

  Wasting food sources will not be accepted by any country or any religion.You have to see food as your god. If you are conducting a family function or meeting with lunch or dinner, then there will be some extra food in the end of the function. You can contact Food charity organization near to you and they will deliver the food to needed peoples. Around 1.5 millions of food products are being wasted annually.Everyone in the home knows how to save the food, just think of African children’s life. Food wastage is a shame for Humankind. Three facts are affecting naturally Climate change, population growth, food price. We cannot target anyone individually, but we can figure out the reason. There are benefits of reducing the food wastage. Before buying Foods you just have to clean your refrigerator or Take a look in it. Avoid buying bulk food products. Advice your friends or relatives. Thank you , “Don’t wait for others start your job now

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