Why Linux Is better than Windows ?
17 Nov
Why Linux Is better than Windows ?

When comparing Windows 10 with Microsoft’s previous versions, Windows 10 has improved a lot and user interface has become much easier. Also Microsoft provides constant security updates to reduce the vulnerability, however most of users wants to do the task on their own way rather than standard way. Below are the top reasons why Linux...

12 Nov
You need to activate Windows before you can personalize your PC: Windows Wallpaper and Lock Screen change

This post is for the people who have not activated their Windows license yet. Windows will not allow us to personalize the screens without activating the genuine license. Hence many of us will have default windows wallpaper and screensaver. However we have third party apps to change the custom wallpaper and screen saver without activating...

9 Nov
Vikram Title Teaser Track – WI Ringtone Cuts

Vikram Title Teaser - Ringtone Cuts - Kamal , Anirudh

8 Nov
WhatsApp New Updates November 2020

Team WhatsApp is continuously working to make user interface better and better. Here are the new updates available in Google Playstore and Apple Appstore. For Anroid Devices: Version: WhatsApp chats can be always muter. Earlier user will be able to mute chats for 8 hours, 1 week and 1 year. Now WhatsApp removed 1...

8 Nov
Windows 7 and 8.1 Expiry Date

As we already know that Microsoft has already stopped supporting Windows 7 OS from 15th January 2020. Windows 7 users will be seeing a notification that says the ” Risk of using Windows 7″ operating system. What services Microsoft stopped ? Microsoft stopped providing security updates to Windows 7 which makes the computer vulnerable. If...

22 Jun
Mersal Theme & BGM – WI Ringtone Cuts

Listen and download the exclusive Ringtone cuts from Isai Puyal AR Rahman Musical,  Thalapathy Vijay starring Mersal         Disclaimer : WI Studios does not holds the copyrights of the Audio, all Rights are reserved with the registered owners , its just a promotional presentation of their copyrighted media.

3 Jun
Ponmagal Vandhal Direct Digital Release – Good or Bad ?

So Jyothika starrer Ponmagal Vandhal is the first south Indian film to release directly on OTT Platform, which had a release on May 29 through amazon prime. The film is produced by Suriya for 2D Entertainment with a bunch of impressive casting namely Bakyaraj, Thiyagaran, Pandiyarajan, Prathap, Parthiban along with Jyothika, Directed by debutant JJ...

24 May
Ponmagal Vanthal | Tamil | Rajapalayam

Check out our first video featuring Tamil ( Rajapalayam) , Ponmagal Vanthal 🙂

9 May
COVID Pandemic – Things to realize and follow !

India’s first corona virus-positive case was reported at Kerala on Jan 30. Now they have one of the most recovered states all over the world. When the entire world is suffering, it is indeed a great administration and implementations taken by the Kerala government, officials and also cooperated by people to fight against COVID. Earlier...

1 May
Time to Follow AJITH | Covid Pandemic | HBD THALA

Wild Imaginationz’s tribute video for #ThalaDay along with an awareness message for #COVID-19 !