Mixed Reviews is no hindrance for a million sale – Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch is a beautifully constructed, compact smart watch. It’s feature-packed, with solid fitness software,
hundreds of apps, and the ability to send and receive calls via an iPhone.

According to pre-order projections from Slice Intelligence, a firm that tracks and projects US consumer spending through e-commerce email receipts, Apple received almost one million US watch pre-orders on Friday, April 10, its first day of accepting orders, according to Slice’s projections, based on receipts from 9,080 online shoppers.

  • Almost two-thirds of pre-orders were for the less expensive, aluminum Sport line, which starts at $349. About one-third of pre-orders were for the stainless-steel Apple Watch collection, which starts at $549. The gold “Edition” series, which starts at $10,000, didn’t represent enough US pre-orders to show up in Slice’s report.
  • The average selling price per watch was about $504. The average order was for 1.3 watches.
  • The most popular color is Apple’s “space gray” aluminum case—40% of pre-orders—followed by stainless steel (34%), silver aluminum (23%), and “space black” steel (3%).
  • The black sport band was the most popular band among all buyers, representing almost half of all orders.

Battery seems to be great drawback, it barely lasts a day and recharge time is also slow. The Apple Watch is the most ambitious, well-constructed smartwatch ever seen. But still the drawbacks in first version, make it feel more like a fashionable toy than a necessary tool.

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