MH17 – Malaysian Flight Shot Down By Missile

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Flight Boeing777 from Malaysian Airlines Named MH17 was crashed near Ukraine-Russia border. It was shot down by missile. Reporters saying that Flight traveled in non-restricted zone which was declared as a safe commercial flight route. Missile was fired from terrorist occupied lands. Ukraine President said that ” It was terrorist act “.

Updates of crashed flight :

 * 22 Bodies were found around flight crashed area.

 * 280 passengers and 15 crew members are dead. Includes 23 U.S citizens.

 * Ukrainian foreign minister says ” 3rd incident after two ukraine planes shot down by Russia “

 * Russian media said It was Rebels Radar system error. Rebels thought it was a Ukraine Plane but unfortunately it is Mh17.

 * All flights are rerouted in order to avoid Ukraine Airspace.

 * Two Ukraine Military jets were following MH17 minutes before aircrash.

 * Pro-Russian commander warned before ” Do not fly in our sky “.

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