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Chennai city will have 100 advanced autos in the next 2 weeks. These are given the name “Makkal auto”, meaning people’s auto. Makkal Auto provides Safety, Security and Saving to Customer’s Enabled With Call Booking facilities ,Safety to Woman and Children’s , Government fixed Auto Rikshaw fare meter. This 100 will include ladies special autos too. These advanced autos will have GPS, tablet with net connection and billing machine.

The auto can be kept in track with the use of GPS. The tablet will have a camera that can capture video when “panic” key is pressed. In case of emergencies, the key can be pressed and the mishaps can be known at the server where the camera will be continuously monitored. In addition, at such emergency times, an automatic call will be made to the police.
Whenever there is variation in petrol or diesel pricing, the rate in the billing machine will be altered accordingly. It is icing on the cake that people can make use of debit or credit cards to pay the auto fare when it is more than fifty rupees. To make use of this service, people can dial 044-66777777. Smart phone users can download the exclusive application, “makkal auto” to make calls to these autos.
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