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Jigarthanda 50 days – After thoughts

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Jigarthanda 50 days – After thoughts

          A film without highly paid STAR actor, high promotion budget running 25 days itself has become a rare happening in Kollywood. Jigarthanda stands out in that way. Previously this year it was Goli Soda, in 2013 it was Soodhu Kavvum.

          Expectation and taste of Tamil movie goers have begun to resonate changing world cinema scenario. Whatever happening after Aaranya Kaandam can only be said as the continuation of what Ulaga Nayagan had been doing for 3 decades singularly without much collection, support as he and his fans would have liked. But in recent times most of the new directors find success in terms of box-office due to minimal budget, high humour and spicy content, aggressive promotion.

          Even many established actors had become late bloomers in recognising the fast changing trend only after suffering 1, 2 flops. Also some famous directors’ movies became Epic Failure both in terms of box office and review due to lack of clarity in grasping the changed and higher expectations of a fan.

          Since 1970-80s, there has been regular flow of aspiring to-be-directors, who would mostly train as assistant director for some years. But last 5 years stand apart from the lot both in terms of high standard in content, long success streak of new entrants. It can be even said as the golden period for aspiring directors with sound Cinema knowledge, interesting script.

          Though the new age directors don’t compromise with respect to their script, as the Jigarthanda potti-kadai mokkai ‘failed director’ advised, they aren’t stubborn but instead inclusive of few additives to make their film commercially viable and hit. The basic need of an ambitious to-be-director now is ‘Leap-of-faith’ and firm belief in their work.

          Also these directors are not one film hit products as karthik Subburaj has proved with his successive block busters. They are here to stay and rule the Next-gen Tamil Cinema world. We fans could only exclaim saying “இது தான் நான் ரத்தம் தெறிக்க தெறிக்க கேட்ட ஸ்கிரிப்ட் ஆ” and enjoy the films.


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