Inam – Why is it So Important to Watch ?

 In WI Editor's Cut

INAM is not a film to entertain the people , this is a film that says about the issues happened at srilanka. During the initial stages of filming , it was said that the movie is a hard-hitting political film scripted around the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of TAMIL Eelam) -related strife, later the director added on the story that it revolves around a bunch of teenagers in an orphanage and set against the backdrop of a civil strife.

The movie is framed based on the true incidents and pain happened for people over there because of this issue. So this film will  be raw and rustic, film is scheduled to hit the screens on March 28 , 2014.Team WI always appreciate the film makers and directors like Santhosh Sivan, because they are not making the films for money . they are just showing the situation which people needs to know. Checkout the trailer of Inam once again and catch the movie in Big Screens near you from March 28 , 2014.
– A.Sathish
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