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Hero Aims Into Ride 50 Markets By 2020

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Hero Aims Into Ride 50 Markets By 2020

India’s Largest two wheeler manufacturer hero Corp planned to enter 50 new markets, have 20
manufacturing facilities and more than double its annual turnover of Rs 60,000 crore by 2020. “Over the past two years, we have been working hard to build a foundation to realise our aspirations of a New Hero. This New Hero will now operate at a scale never seen before– footprint in 50 countries with 20 manufacturing facilities across the globe and 100 million cumulative two-wheelers sold by 2020,”  “Through our project titled ‘Leap 20’, we are bringing very high levels of innovation across our supply chain, and partnering with our suppliers to drive significant improvements in our cost structure, even as we raise the bar even higher on product quality and reliability,” pawan munjal said.  Hero now working under 10 markets all over world.By next few month before end of this year hero going to launch 5 more markets.Hero now manufacturing 100 and 250cc engines with the help of AVL Australia based.
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