Give Right of Way for Ambulance / Emergency Vehicles.

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If you are a Human Being and Living in the city/town/village or wherever roads are built then you must give Way to Ambulance, its not a rule like we are following already but it is obligatory.

Doctors saying that ” We get about 15 trauma patients every day, of which two or three are brought in very serious condition. Often, we lose patients because motorists don’t give way to an ambulance in traffic jams. Once you see or hear an ambulance, it’s your duty to move your vehicle to the left and let the ambulance go. But it’s not often followed in our country.”

I accept that in India, population is high but anyway we can help each other in this.When you struck in Traffic if you are hearing Siren Sound of Ambulance or any emergency vehicles then you should make right of way to it. You should perform at least some of the following activities when ambulance waiting behind you in traffic,

1. Do not Follow Ambulance to avoid Traffic.

2. You have to Break the Red Signal (It is legal) and give way to ambulance

3. Should not horn if ambulance is in front of you.

4. Do not block the road by parking your vehicle in streets.

5. Always move left side and give Right of Way to Ambulance

6. Do not give excuses for not giving way to ambulance like I’m getting late to work, home, or movie.

Note : In this post “you” includes all of us.

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