Dhoni’s Former Coach about India vs Bangladesh matches

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The former personal coach of Ms Dhoni says the problem might  be with dressing room atmosphere.

He said ” I don’t know the inside story but we have seen Dhoni play and fight till the last over. If one’s mind is not at peace, then it is impossible to play.

He is unable to deliver his best because of mental pressure and because of the dressing room’s environment as well as the media. I haven’t spoken to him but I feel the environment of the dressing room is bad.

It was for the first time that India lost so badly against Bangladesh. As far as Mahendra Singh Dhoni is concerned, he gave a statement yesterday (Sunday) that if the BCCI wants, he can play as a player. Whosoever be the captain, winning the game for the country is more important.

The way he is playing suggests that he will be in the game for some more time, but he may step down as the skipper,”

Winning or losing doesn’t matter in cricket, let’s hope the team India will come back to their form asap.

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