Dell Launches New Tablet In India

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The U.S. computer company Dell corporation has released New tablets in Indian market now. The tablets are named as “Venue” series.Venue 7 and 8 will have android os and price ranges between 10k-18k rs. The tablets will be available in the end of February.

Venue 11 pro also available from next month and price is not yet announced by the company. Dell India director and Manager said “India is one of our top 10 market and it was important that we bring latest offering here. Like laptops we like to have leadership position in the Tablets market as well in the next few quarters. Currently we are launching the Wi-Fi version of tablets but in the next few weeks by February end we will release 3G version of these devices. We have aggressively expanded our retail presence in the last few months. Presently We have 160 stores.”
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