Children’s in Mines – Madagascar

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Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and placed in southern Africa.In Madagascar , there are 86,000 children’s working on mines , Which is supported by the Government .

International Labour Organization said Children’s are working to help their parents for surviving everyday and 28 percent of children’s in Madagascar are aged between 5 and 17 working in Mines, Forming,Hotels, even prostitution.This statement was collected during 2012-September and 2013-May by ILO.ILO are trying to help children from long time and recently 830 children’s are using ILO’S educational plans and 500 peoples resume their studies,80 children’s to have vocational training. But Madagascar Government is having a rule it says anyone can be employed with three years of imprisonment in Madagascar.They are using children’s to work in Gold and various mines with less salary.Children’s are taking big risk in mines without knowing the value of that risk in those work.Many organization approached the Madagascar chief to avoid the Child labours but the response was not enough.ILO should take some big steps to control in this case.
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