Building got Collapsed due to Rain Killing 11 Workers at Chennai

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Yesterday (28/06/2014) evening rain has striked Chennai. Almost two hours the rain remained strong with some thunders. Near porur-kundrathur (West Chennai) road there’s 11 floor apartment which is under construction is collapsed completely to ground level. The reason for the collision is not yet announced, it may be poor construction or poor soil selection But not because of thunders. CMDA enquiry is started to find the real issues.

Rescue teams said it may take 2-3 days for complete recovery and they’re working hard to get workers alive. 60-80 Peoples who involved in construction work are trapped in the collision. Workers are from Andhra and north India. 11 workers are dead as of now and 24 workers rescued alive. Building Owners are already arrested yesterday night. Tamil nadu CM Jayalalitha announced Rs 2 lakhs for workers family. More than 10 rescue teams are working in the field.

Metro rail, National rescue force, and L&T workers are helping most. From yesterday evening after the collision heavy traffic around porur, roads are blocked and diverted to other ways. In that area 11 floor apartment is not needed anyway. Team WI prays for the workers family.
-Arun RG

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