Benefits of Taking Apple 

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There is an Well Known proverb  An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away ” .

That is really true , by taking apple , we can come out many problems in our body and be healthy . Here are the benefits of having Apples

·         Apples help reduce intestinal disorders
·         It works as a detoxifier and cleanser
·         It reduces cholesterol levels
·         Apple cider vinegar helps reduce the occurrence of kidney stones
·         Apples promote heart health
·         Apples have less than 80 calories in one fruit (medium sized)
·         Apples help with increased lung health
·         Apples boost your immune system
·         Apples help communication with your brain cells and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s
·         Apples promote hair growth
·         Apples help in reducing acne and other skin problems

Health is wealth WI Red Society

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